Dr. Gilda Williams  is a London correspondent for Artforum, editor of ON&BY Andy Warhol (MIT/Whitechapel, 2016)  and author of  How to Write about Contemporary Art (Thames&Hudson, 2014), now published in six languages. 

A member of the International Association of Art Critics, Williams has written for Artforum, Burlington, The Guardian, Parkett, Tate etc., frieze, Art Monthly, Art in America, Time Out, and Sight and Sound. She is Editor of The Gothic (MIT Press/ Whitechapel, 2007); her catalogue texts include monographic essays on Yayoi Kusama, Sarah Lucas, Christian Marclay, Fiona Rae, Ugo Rondinone, Anne Truitt, Charles Avery, Giorgio Sadotti, and Hannah Collins. 

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The Art Book for Children – Co-author of junior edition of Phaidon's best-selling The Art Book, Winner of a 'Best Non-Fiction Children's Book 2006' award from the English Association; translated into ten languages.

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‘Enrico Baj,’ Studio Marconi, Milan, Flash Art International, May/June 1991https://frieze.com/article/gardenwriting_files/%27Amalia%20Ulman%27.jpgwriting_files/%27James%20Richards%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Making%20and%20Unmaking%27.jpghttps://frieze.com/article/search-miraculouswriting_files/%27Stan%20Douglas%27.jpgwriting_files/Warhol%20Oxford%20Williams%20Burlington.pdfwriting_files/%27Caroline%20Achaintre%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Katrina%20Palmer%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Anna%20Bella%20Papp%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Pierre%20Huyghe%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Marvin%20Gaye%20Chetwynd%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Erik%20van%20Lieshout%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Philomene%20Pirecki%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Beatriz%20Santiago%20Munoz%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Steve%20Bishop%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Paul%20Sietsema%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Sarah%20Lucas%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Renee%20So%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Alice%20Channer%27.jpgwriting_files/%27British%20Art%20Show%207%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Huma%20Bhabha%27.jpgwriting_files/Michael%20Fullerton.tiffwriting_files/Alice%20Neel.tiffwriting_files/Tacita%20Dean.tiffwriting_files/Celeste%20Boursier-Mougenot.tiffwriting_files/Mchael%20Landy.tiffwriting_files/Ian%20Kiaer.tiffwriting_files/Clunie%20Reid.tiffwriting_files/Voodoo.tiffwriting_files/Elizabeth%20Price.tiffwriting_files/Voodoo_1.tiffwriting_files/Lindsay%20Seers.tiffwriting_files/Graham%20Hudson.tiffwriting_files/Peter%20Lewis.tiffwriting_files/Varda%20Caivano.tiffwriting_files/%27Chapman%20bros%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Grippo%27.jpghttp://www.cellprojects.org/content/tod-hanson-gilda-williamswriting_files/Tod%20Hanson.tiffwriting_files/Charles%20Avery.tiffwriting_files/Jonathan%20Wateridge.tiffwriting_files/%27Mark%20Wallinger%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Clare%20Woods%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Anthea%20Hamilton%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Victor%20Man%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Pablo%20Bronstein%27.jpgwriting_files/%27Matt%20Bryans%27.jpgshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5shapeimage_4_link_6shapeimage_4_link_7shapeimage_4_link_8shapeimage_4_link_9shapeimage_4_link_10shapeimage_4_link_11shapeimage_4_link_12shapeimage_4_link_13shapeimage_4_link_14shapeimage_4_link_15shapeimage_4_link_16shapeimage_4_link_17shapeimage_4_link_18shapeimage_4_link_19shapeimage_4_link_20shapeimage_4_link_21shapeimage_4_link_22shapeimage_4_link_23shapeimage_4_link_24shapeimage_4_link_25shapeimage_4_link_26shapeimage_4_link_27shapeimage_4_link_28shapeimage_4_link_29shapeimage_4_link_30shapeimage_4_link_31shapeimage_4_link_32shapeimage_4_link_33shapeimage_4_link_34shapeimage_4_link_35shapeimage_4_link_36shapeimage_4_link_37shapeimage_4_link_38shapeimage_4_link_39shapeimage_4_link_40shapeimage_4_link_41shapeimage_4_link_42shapeimage_4_link_43shapeimage_4_link_44shapeimage_4_link_45shapeimage_4_link_46shapeimage_4_link_47

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‘Billabong Odyssey’, Sight and Sound, December 2004

‘Mambo Italiano’, Sight and Sound, October 2004

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‘Women Talking Dirty’, Sight and Sound, October 2001

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‘Barbara Kruger, I Was a Theorist’s Plaything’, DPict, June/July

‘Jane and Louise Wilson in the Light of the Gothic Tradition’, Parkett, Spring

‘Paper Moon, on David Thorpe’, Art Monthly, February


‘Cleaning the Garden - Zarina Bhimji', Portfolio, December

‘Wah-Wah: The Sound of Crying or the Sound of an Electric Guitar: The Work of Gillian Wearing', Parkett, Spring


‘Studio Crawl: Marc Quinn, Kiki Smith, Georgina Starr', Elle Decoration, November

‘Live in Your Head: Sculpture & Some Photographs by Ana Genoves’, Make, June-July

‘Profile on Siobhán Hapaska’, Art Monthly, February

‘I Love You to Death, Edward Stewart/Stephanie Smith’, Art/Text, November

‘A League of His Own, on Roderick Buchanon’, Art Monthly, September

‘Walking the Plank, on John Wood and Paul Harrison’, Art Monthly, April


‘The Animal Bride, on Lucy Gunning’, Art Monthly, October

‘Tabula Rasa, on Martin Creed’, Art Monthly, April


‘Hammering it out in Europe.’ Interviews with 10 European auction houses,  Flash Art, May/June

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interviewing James Lee Byars, Venice Biennale, 1993