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From 2001-13 Gilda Williams reviewed films for London-based Sight & Sound, the film magazine of the British Film Institute.

“The Broken Circle Breakdown’, Sight and Sound, Oct 2013

‘Fire in the Night’, Sight and Sound, Aug 2013 (read here)

‘Stuck’, Sight and Sound, January 2009 (read here)

‘How Ohio Pulled it Off’, Sight and Sound, December 2008

‘Shotgun Stories’, Sight and Sound, May 2008

‘[REC]’, Sight and Sound, Mar 2008

‘Like Minds’, Sight and Sound, July 2007

‘Fracture’, Sight and Sound, July 2007

‘Infamous’, Sight and Sound, January 2007

‘The Heart of the Game’, Sight and Sound, January 2007

‘Rampage’, Sight and Sound, December 2006

‘Billabong Odyssey’, Sight and Sound, December 2004

‘Mambo Italiano’, Sight and Sound, October 2004

‘Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator’, Sight and Sound, June 2004

‘L’ultimo bacio/The Last Kiss’, Sight and Sound, April 2004

‘Historia Minimas/Minimal Stories’, Sight and Sound, June 2003

‘Laurel Canyon’, Sight and Sound, January 2004

‘Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood’, Sight and Sound, October 2002

‘Tortilla Soup’, Sight and Sound, August 2002

‘Dancing at the Blue Iguana’, Sight and Sound, July 2002

‘Dogtown and Z-boys’, Sight and Sound, July 2002 (read here)

‘Princess Diaries’, Sight and Sound, February 2002

‘Women Talking Dirty’, Sight and Sound, October 2001